Setting up a Printer at NUS SoC for Ubuntu (Linux)

Meng-Jiun Chiou
2 min readJun 20, 2018


It’s a memo of setting up the printer in National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing for Ubuntu specifically, as the official doc is only for Windows/Mac OSX currently. Also, if you suffer from the rule of periodically changing NUSNET password, you may also need this guide to reset the printer every six months.

  1. First of all, open the Printers. (If it’s your first time setting up a printer, skip to step 2 now.) Right-click on the printer you are going to reset -> Properties and copy the Device URL to any place for later use. It should be something like smb://nusstu/nts27/psXXXX. (This URL is for SoC students. For faculties, it should be somthing like smb://nusstf/nts09/psXXXX.) Then click on Cancel to come back to the menu and right-click on the icon of the printer to delete it.
  2. Click on Add on the top bar. Click on Network Printer -> Windows Printer via SAMBA. Here you need to paste the address which you copied in step 1. If it’s the first time setting up a printer (you don’t know the printer address), find it here (it will require you to log in using your NUSNET account). Then check the Set authentication details now and type in your NUSNET account info. Click forward to choose the right driver for the printer. In my case, I need to choose Lexmark MX810. Then click on forward -> forward -> enter some description (name, location) -> Apply. Finally, print the test page and you’re all set!

If encountering an error like this, check this link to find a way to solve it.

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Installing printer on Ubuntu in Soc NUS: The postscript error!